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Pioneering the field of post-acute brain injury treatment and neurorehabilitation since 1982. .

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Our vision is to be the industry leader in post-acute neurorecovery by providing the expertise and care needed for reintegration of brain-injury survivors into their community.

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At Moody Neuro, we see every patient as unique. We provide patients who have experienced brain injury with the highly-specialized, personalized care they require to re-enter the community and maximize quality of life. We achieve this through the expert knowledge of our staff, world-class facilities, innovative spirit, and sheer desire to improve the lives of our patients every day.


Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute, formerly known as the Transitional Learning Center, was established in 1982 by Robert Moody, who was on a mission to create a post-acute brain rehabilitation center in the Houston area. His passion was inspired when his own son, Russell Moody was involved in a motor vehicle accident and acquired a traumatic brain injury. Ready to take the next step in recovery, Moody noticed the lack of options and resources.

Mr. Robert Moody set out to collect techniques, strategies and therapies from all over the world from some of the top neurological hospitals and rehabilitation centers. He then returned and opened The Transitional Learning Center.

In 2019, The Transitional Learning Center was renamed Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute in recognition of Russell Moody’s story of love, courage, and determination that continues to fuel and inspire our work every day. It is the story of turning tragedy into hope and action. Since its founding, Moody Neuro has created breakthroughs in brain injury rehabilitation and helped patients work toward their own individual breakthroughs. As a national pioneer in post-acute care for patients with acquired brain injury, Moody Neuro continues to innovate and provide the best possible care for survivors of brain injury.

Uplifting Lives At A Leading-Edge Neuro Recovery Center

At Moody Neuro, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled care and support for individuals seeking neurological recovery. As a leading neuro rehabilitation center, we specialize in comprehensive programs tailored to each individual’s unique journey towards healing and well-being.

Empowering Progress Through Specialized Care

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to guiding you through your recovery journey with dedication and expertise. Whether you are seeking brain injury rehabilitation, concussion recovery, or recovery for a stroke, we understand the challenges you face and are here to support you.

Our personalized approach ensures that you receive the highest quality of care every step of the way, tailored to your unique needs. From comprehensive assessments to customized treatment plans, we are dedicated to helping you regain your independence and improve your quality of life.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced Recovery

Experience the future of rehabilitation with Bioness Vector, an innovative tool we utilize to optimize concussion recovery and enhance neuroplasticity. This state-of-the-art system provides precise and adaptable support, helping patients regain their strength and coordination more effectively.

At Moody Neuro, we harness the power of advanced technology to accelerate your path to recovery, offering personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Our commitment is to improve overall quality of life, ensuring that you receive the best possible care on your journey to wellness.

Embark on a transformative journey towards recovery and renewal with Moody Neuro, a leading neuro rehab facility where compassion meets cutting-edge care. Redefine possibilities in neurological rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, and more at our state-of-the-art neurological recovery center.

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“You have some of the best workers here.”



“I was inpatient for 4 months post-stroke and have now lived independently from my family for 4 years. I’m able to do pretty much everything on a daily basis on…

Nicole J.


“Moody has been working extra hard to find ways to help me when I get home. I am really grateful for that.”



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