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Concussion Awareness 101

Concussions have become a hot topic in recent years but there are many misconceptions regarding them. Let’s take a moment to talk about what they are, what are the symptoms and what steps may be taken after a concussion. A...

Noticing the Positive

Depression and low mood are common symptoms after a brain injury. Some of this may be due to neurochemical changes in the brain after an injury. However, much of it is due to the feelings of loss, stress,...

Emergency Preparedness Guide for Post-Brain Injury Patients

Early June brings hurricane season to Texas, and with that comes a fresh reminder of the need to plan for emergencies. People often don’t realize the full extent of consideration that new challenges require following a brain injury....

Visual Scanning Activities

Visual scanning skills are essential for processing information in our daily lives. However, some individuals might have issues with recognizing ocular stimuli for a variety of reasons. Luckily, several activities exist that are not only helpful for improving...

What Is Left Neglect?

Injury to the brain’s right hemisphere can cause left neglect. The condition is also known as left side neglect, unilateral neglect or hemispatial neglect. It is one of the oddest symptoms of brain injury and can be one of...

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