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Moody Neuro’s programs are designed to assist patients in achieving their highest level of independence in their respective communities. Our departments work together to achieve the best possible outcome for patients by addressing cognitive, behavioral, and physical limitations, considering individual needs and goals, and developing a personalized treatment plan. Moody Neuro offers residential and out-patient neurorehabilitation programs, as well long-term supported care. Our 2019 patient satisfaction survey indicates that 90% of patients felt that the quality of therapy was outstanding and our 2019 employee satisfaction survey indicated that 92% of our employees would recommend us as a great place to work. For fiscal year 2017-2018, we provided services to one child and/or adolescent. For fiscal year 2018-2019, we didn’t provide services to children and/or adolescents.

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At Moody Neuro, we incorporate conventional therapy with technology such as robotics and computer based simulation to maximize therapeutic gains. Depending on the patient’s individual capability and physician recommendations, we provide a wide range of therapy hours. The ultimate goal is to have each patient return to their highest level of function, in a shorter period of time. We are dedicated to the patient and their family by providing many avenues of support and assistance. Moody Neuro’s passionate case managers assist patients and families throughout the rehabilitation journey, while they discover their new ‘normal’ way of living. We provide home evaluations, in-house training, discharge planning, and home exercise programs to help ensure the transition from rehabilitation is safe and comfortable.

Male physical therapist working with male patient on strength training exercises at Moody Neuro Institute

Private: Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute in Galveston

Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute in Galveston opened its doors to the Gulf Coast communities in 1982. Drawing over 40 years of experience in the field of post-acute brain injury rehabilitation, Moody Neuro in Galveston provides an important service to the Greater Houston area by serving adults with acquired brain injury the comprehensive, interdisciplinary services needed to re-enter the community.

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Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute in Lubbock

Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute in Lubbock opened its doors in April, 2008. Drawing on Moody Neuro’s over 40 years of experience in the field of post-acute brain injury rehabilitation, our Lubbock facility provides a vital service to the Great Plains by providing adults with acquired brain injuries the comprehensive therapy and interdisciplinary skills needed to re-enter the community.

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Long-Term Supported Living

Our long term supported care program provides the growing needs of survivors of acquired brain injury who are unable to return to an independent lifestyle due to physical, medical, behavioral, and/or cognitive impairment. Our program model emphasizes knowing the residents as well as their condition. Our goals for our patients include:

  • Reduce medical complications
  • Increase the functional skills of residents
  • Enhance the quality of life through engaging and purposeful therapeutic activities, environmental supports and structure, lifelong education and medical monitoring

Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute at TideWay

Moody Neuro at TideWay is a long-term supported living facility for survivors of brain injury in Galveston. This 32 bed facility offers nearly 30 thousand square feet of living and activity space and sits on 3.5 acres of prime real estate one block from the beach in the heart of Galveston Island.

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Male patient in red shirt and glasses smiling during a friendly game of Scrabble during recreational therapy at Moody Neuro Institute

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