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Our admissions specialists will work with you every step of the way to determine the right program for your loved one and answer your questions.

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Scope of Services

Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute (Moody Neuro) facilities at Space Park and Lubbock provide comprehensive, residential post-acute brain injury rehabilitation (PABI) services to adolescents and adults with acquired brain injury and complete spinal cord injuries (SCI).

Acquired brain injury includes (but is not limited to) the following etiologies: traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting from an external force; cerebrovascular accident (stroke) from ischemic infarct or hemorrhage; anoxic/hypoxic events (near drowning, choking, heart attack, etc.); metabolic disorders (i.e., diabetes, chronic alcohol abuse); infectious diseases/illness (i.e., encephalitis, meningitis); injury caused by tumor or surgical removal of said tumor, radiation or chemotherapy, and open head injuries such as gunshot wounds.

Moody Neuro in Space Center and in Lubbock serve a diverse population of individuals with acquired brain injuries. As a result, we take necessary precautions to ensure that appropriate accommodations and/or modifications are addressed and made for their religious, cultural, and social needs.

Such accommodations/modifications can include, but are not limited to, menu selections, attending/direct care services, use of a translator, and access to places of worship.

We also treat patients that have sustained a complete spinal cord injury which occurred at the C 5-6 Level if:

*Sensory and motor functions are preserved below the neurological level of injury with more than half of key muscles having a grade of 3 (active movement against gravity).

*Potential for recovery of function, are appropriate for admission.

*Patients with complete spinal cord injuries at or below the T-1 level are appropriate for admission.


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We treat patients that have sustained a brain injury of any type and offer programs to accommodate every patient’s unique situation.
resiedential program icon

Residential Program

For patients who will live onsite during rehab as they transition towards independence.

Outpatient program icon

Outpatient Program

For people who will live at home during treatment.

Long-Term Supported Living icon

Long-Term Supported Living

For patients who need a safe, purposeful supported long-term living home.

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Respite Care

For caregivers who need time to recharge.



Individuals must be 18 years or older for residential admission.  Adolescents age 16-17 may be considered for outpatient admission on a case-by-case basis. 

Functional Level:

Individuals must be able to tolerate 4-5 hours of therapy per day.

Injury Criteria:

Patients who have sustained a brain injury of any type, i.e. TBI, Stroke(CVA), Aneurysm, Encephalitis, etc. or dual diagnosis spinal cord injury with a brain injury that requires extended cognitive and physical rehabilitation and treatment.


Required payor source (e.g., insurance, HHSC, Worker Compensation Funds, private pay).

Demographic Information:

There are no restrictions on patients’ residence or discharge location.

Length of Stay:

A patient’s length of stay is dependent on the individual’s progress through the program. The average length of stay is around 45-90 days, but can be more or less depending on the patient’s progress.


We require a current up-to-date list of medications prior to admission.



Call to submit a referral or fill out our online form. A patient, family member, clinician, physician or claims adjuster can make the referral.


Our Admission Specialist will evaluate the patient’s situation against the criteria for admittance.


Moody Neuro’s Clinical Liaison will visit with you onsite to discuss individualized rehabilitation options and will provide answers to many of the questions you may have.


We welcome patients and family members to tour any of our facilities during business hours Monday through Friday. Arrangements can be made if a tour is needed on the weekend.


The Clinical Program Director will decide which program will provide the best treatment and outcomes.


Admission date will be scheduled.

Male physical therapist working with male patient outside female visitor is providing support in the courtyard of Moody Neuro Institute

Funding Your Rehab

Our admission team works hard to ensure that brain injury rehabilitation treatments are covered by the patient’s insurance carrier. With more than 20 years of experience, our admission specialists have the knowledge and experience that each patient requires for admission approval. If a patient doesn’t have insurance, we can help you find funding from other sources. Moody Neuro works with most managed care companies and payer sources, including:

  • Private Health Insurance/Managed Care
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • HHSC & Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CRS) *
  • Texas Commission for the Blind
  • Legal Settlements
  • Self

* To get in touch with a CRS office nearest you, please click on the link below:

Items to Bring

We hope that you find the following list helpful while preparing for your stay with us. If you have any problems or questions regarding the items to bring, please contact the Admissions Office at: (409) 797-1455 or via email at

Male patient admissions rep walking male patient in blue plaid shirt and black and grey baseball hat down the hallway at Moody Neuro Institute


Keep medications within reach while packing. Please bring them with you on the day of admission.

The following are standards established by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). To assure your health and safety, the following conditions must be met prior to admission:

  1. Bring all prescribed medications, as well as over-the-counter (OTC) medications that you currently use.
  2. Copies of ALL prescriptions currently taken must be provided by the hospital physician or your primary care physician (PCP). This will be included in the medical record. State license requires we have a copy of all prescriptions on file. If there are any problems with medications, please call the Admissions Office at
    (409) 797-1452.
  3. Bring all prescribed medications with you on the day of admission. Please obtain refills for those medications that are ready to be refilled.
  4. Each medication must be in the original bottle and must have pharmacy labels.
  5. Provide information on how Moody Neuro is to get your medications refilled (prescription benefits, co-pays and/or self pay).
  6. Bring your Insurance Card, Prescription Card, Medicaid form and/or Medicare Card(s). These items are important in case of an emergency or for doctor appointments.
Female patient admissions rep walking female patient on walker down the hallway at Moody Neuro Institute


Your therapies will include, but are not limited to, physical therapy (PT) and therapeutic recreation. Please bring clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for these activities, including supportive athletic shoes. Example of activities: PT, community walks, art and crafts and biking. Swimwear may be required.

Please Note: You are responsible for furnishing your own personal items. Our program focuses on the functional independence of each individual and we do not provide personal items such as clothing, soap, shampoo, etc. We do provide linens, pillows and towels for patient use. 

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