ZeroG® Gait and Balance System

Most sophisticated robotic body-weight support system where patients can experience rehabilitation in a safe, controlled environment.


The ZeroG® Gait and Balance System protects patients from falls while providing dynamic body-weight support when practicing walking, balance tasks, sit-to-stand maneuvers and even stairs. This technology includes the following features:

  • User interface with an intuitive touchscreen or wireless remote are used to operate ZeroG®. Interactive games are built into the ZeroG® software making therapy fun yet cognitively challenging. Important training data from each session is stored into a secure database that can be exported in various formats.
  • Dynamic body-weight support to maintain a consistent level of body-weight support regardless of vertical movements.
  • Robotic trolley automatically tracks patient movements up to 5 mph. Patients only feel the vertical unloading without any drag from behind.
  • Patient set-up is done by securing into the harness and then connecting to the spreader bar in under 5 minutes.
  • Safety features include advanced fall protection measures which monitor patient movements at 1,000 times per second.

“Products – Zero G®.” Aretech®, Accessed 18 June 2021.


  • Wide range of patient diagnoses
  • Wide range of patient sizes between 20 – 450 lbs
  • Wide range of functional activities from walking, balance activities, postural tasks, sit-to-stand, stairs, getting off the floor and more.
  • Early and intensive therapy including fall protection and dynamic body-weight support promote early intensive therapy.

“Products – Zero G®.” Aretech®, Accessed 18 June 2021.

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