Leveraging a portfolio of advanced treatment technologies and equipment to help patients regain independence and an enhanced quality of life.

Assistive technology includes any device utilized by an individual with a disability to maximize independence and allow for maximum community reintegration. For brain injury survivors, assistive technology can be as simple and low-tech as a spiral notebook to help with organization and memory, or as sophisticated as a computer-powered vocal assistant to aid with communication.

The following innovative technologies complement the talents of our human staff, furthering our rehabilitation capabilities and value to the patient.


The world’s leading robotic medical device, the Hocoma Lokomat® provides highly intensive rehabilitation to increase the strength of muscles and the range of motion of joints in order to improve walking.

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Bionik InMotion® Interactive Therapy enables clinicians to efficiently deliver intensive motor therapy to help patients regain motor function following a neurological condition or injury. This new generation InMotion® ARM is an evidence-based neurorehabilitation technology that provides patients with real-time Assistance-as-Needed®. The InMotion® ARM quietly monitors the patient’s movements during therapy while it gently assists where needed to help them complete various motor therapy activities.

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The Moveo XP is a weight bearing exercise platform for patients who need full body weight support in order to be able to exercise and participate in the rehabilitation process. It is ideal for patients with conditions such as: lower extremity weaknesses, poor postural control, poor muscle control, and decreased lower extremity range of motion.

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The MYRO by Tyromotion is a touch and pressure sensitive screen that provides bio feedback to therapist and patient alike. Utilizing a variety of attachments to target different grips and movements while also using interactive screen activities to test cognition and visual acuity.

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The Moody Driving Simulator allows patients to test the necessary skills to drive without risking safety. With multiple settings including traffic, day vs night and rural vs urban driving it is possible to simulate a variety of real world situations. We also have adaptions to allow those without use of lower extremities to use hand control for acceleration and break.


The Bioness L300 Go® utilizes FES (functional electrical stimulation) to improve thigh weakness and foot drop to allow patients improved independence and functional mobility. It can be worn throughout the day allowing movement without wires. The H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System is an easy-to operate system that helps the patient achieve recovery goals. Reaching, grasping, opening and closing the hand are all possible in a functional capacity using this device.

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The ZeroG® Gait and Balance system is a robotic body-weight support system attached to a motorized trolley that rides along a ceiling-mounted track to help patients regain the ability to walk and maintain balance. When patients use ZeroG®, they are safe and cannot fall, yet can be challenged as they progress. Activities such as walking up steps, getting off the floor, or navigating rough terrain are real-life demands that patients can practice with the ZeroG®.

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