Patient Intake Process

What family members can expect upon admission and during patient’s stay.


When a member of your family is hurting, it affects the whole family. We want you to take comfort in knowing that your loved one is in the most caring and capable hands.

The information will help you prepare for your family member’s time with us. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the patient’s Clinical Liaison. Once the patient is admitted, their case manager can address any issues or concerns your family may have.

The Moody Neuro Program

At Moody Neurorehabilitation, we believe that real-life experiences in realistic surroundings create the best atmosphere to reacquire skills lost to brain injury. The overall goal of our program is for patients to relearn skills that are easily practiced in everyday life. We work with the patient to ensure successful reentry into the community. Patients of Moody Neuro either live in one of our state-of-the-art facilities in Houston or Lubbock, TX.

Moody Neuro’s physicians have received specialized training in brain injury rehabilitation. The physicians work with our occupational, physical, and speech and language therapists as well.

Therapeutic needs differ from patient to patient depending on the severity of the brain injury and the part of the brain injured. The physicians and therapists conduct a thorough physical exam to evaluate each patient’s strength, balance, memory, and cognition. The doctors also take time to speak with each patient about their goals. This information is incorporated into the development of each patient’s individualized program for care and recovery.

When the physicians are not available, members of the nursing staff handle medications and minor medical needs. Members of the nursing staff are always on call to provide immediate medical assistance. In the event of emergencies, a member of our staff will call 911.

Day 1 Procedures

Upon arrival, either a family member or an essential caregiver will assist the patient in meeting with an admissions team member, case manager, nurse, and residential manager. Together, you and the patient will be walked through the admission process and the staff will assist the patient in a simple transition to our program.


An admissions team member will be reviewing all required paperwork for the patient’s stay. Make sure to read through the Items To Bring list that can be found in the pre-admission packet provided by the patient’s Clinical Liaison. Please make sure to bring the following:

  • Relative documents
  • Medications
  • Items listed in the Items To Bring list
  • $300 deposit*

*A deposit of $300 is required for the patient’s Moody Neuro Account on admission day. If this deposit cannot be paid or there is a financial hardship, please let your Clinical Liaison know prior to admission. The Moody Neuro Account helps with costs such as doctor copays, therapeutic purposes, and personal supplies. If costs exceed the $300, the patient or patient’s family may need to supplement this amount during the stay. If there is a remaining balance at the end of the stay, it will be mailed to either the patient or family member who provided the deposit.

Designate Essential Caregivers

During the arrival process, the patient will be asked to identify one or two people to be their essential caregiver(s). These essential caregivers are family or friends that the patient wants to have an active role in their care during rehabilitation and transition back home after completion of the program.

The family or friend’s role as essential caregivers helps to ensure better care, safety, and outcomes. As an essential caregiver, you will be a spokesperson, advocate, and supporter. This is especially important if the patient is too sick or overwhelmed to speak up for themself.

Meet With Case Manager

Once admission paperwork is completed, the patient along with either a family member or essential caregiver will meet with the patient’s assigned case manager. The patient and case manager will discuss the following:

  • Program goals and expectations during the patient’s stay
  • Rules and regulations
  • Family involvement
  • Visitation guidelines

Furthermore, the case manager will schedule or may conduct patient’s first Individual Program Plan (IPP) meeting.

During the patient’s stay, the case manager will remain the point of contact and will exchange information with either the essential caregiver or family member(s).

If you or the patient have any questions during the program, the case manager will be the person to contact.

Therapeutic Assistants, Therapist & Nurse

Lastly, our therapeutic assistants along with your personal therapist and nurse will meet with the patient. Together they will go over shower evaluations, medications, and any additional items that may pertain to the patient’s stay with us at Moody Neuro.

Day 1-14 Procedures

Individualized Treatment Plan

During the initial phase of the stay at Moody Neuro, the patient will undergo a comprehensive evaluation to establish an individualized treatment plan. Each individualized treatment plan is based upon extensive evaluations of the patient’s medical history and current level of function. Representatives from all therapeutic areas contribute to creating each patient’s overall plan to ensure all needs are met.

Outgoing IPP Meeting

At the end of the two-week program, the case manager and assigned clinical staff will meet with the patient and either designated essential caregiver or family member(s). Together, they will conduct the patient’s Individual Program Plan (IPP) meeting.

Success Stories

“You have some of the best workers here.”



“I was inpatient for 4 months post-stroke and have now lived independently from my family for 4 years. I’m able to do pretty much everything on a daily basis on…

Nicole J.


“Moody has been working extra hard to find ways to help me when I get home. I am really grateful for that.”



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