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Our services are based on an assessment of the patient’s cognitive and functional deficits. Often with a little more time, patient progress resolves eligibility issues. A reassessment may be required at a later date once medical issues are resolved. Our admission specialist can help you determine the best fit and the best program based on our admission criteria and the unique needs of each patient.

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We want you to take comfort in knowing that your loved one is in the most caring and capable hands. The information will help you prepare for your family member’s time with us. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the patient’s Clinical Liaison. Once the patient is admitted, their case manager can address any issues or concerns your family may have.

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Recovering from brain injury is a journey. At Moody Neuro, families play a key role in that journey by actively participating in the recovery process. This includes sitting in on therapy sessions and reinforcing the breakthroughs no matter how small.

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Learning about the brain is fundamental to treating its injuries. We have listed helpful resources to enhance your understanding of the body’s most complex organ. Looking for information on a specific topic related to brain injury rehabilitation? The Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute team is here for you. Ask a staff member or contact us anytime.

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Every day at Moody Neuro, patients have been known to make breakthroughs, physically and cognitively on their journey to rehabilitation. We celebrate these breakthroughs together as patients “graduate” to the next level and gain confidence and greater hope for tomorrow.

Meet some of the inspirational patients whose lives have been restored in our Success Stories.

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Families are important to rehabilitation and achieving the best possible outcomes for your loved one. At Moody Neuro, families of patients at our Galveston facility have the option to stay at our facility during their loved one’s recovery process. At our Lubbock facility, we can arrange for local accommodations for families so they can actively take part in the patient’s progress.

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Success Stories

“You have some of the best workers here.”



“I was inpatient for 4 months post-stroke and have now lived independently from my family for 4 years. I’m able to do pretty much everything on a daily basis on…

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“Moody has been working extra hard to find ways to help me when I get home. I am really grateful for that.”



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