Success Stories

Don VegaDon loved riding motorcycles and could often be found riding during his free time. He loved the freedom he felt while riding but one September afternoon, everything changed as Don had a tragic accident while riding.

Paramedics rushed him to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Beaumont, Texas where they soon discovered he had broken multiple ribs, his clavicle, his elbow and suffered 3 cranial fractures. For three weeks, Don remained in a coma at the hospital, his body fighting to heal. In October, Don was transferred to TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation for continued healing and focused rehab.

As he continued to improve, the plan was to transfer to a post-acute, brain injury rehabilitation facility. As someone with several family members in the medical field, Moody Neuro was already a well-known name.

After further researching with family, Don learned more about Moody Neuro’s excellent reputation in brain injury rehabilitation and chose to continue his post-acute treatment here.

Upon arrival, Don could walk but it was very impaired. He was unable to steady himself, felt uncoordinated and would have to walk at very slow speeds. He struggled to find the words he wanted to use to express himself and his short-term memory seemed non-existent. Don was very anti-social when he started the program and found himself in a negative state of mind on several occasions. As time passed, physical and occupational therapy helped restore his ability to walk independently and you would often see him walking through the building, pushing himself to get stronger.

Don shared with us, “the therapy team really helped bridge the gaps in my memory and helped me remember more. I have a positive outlook on my life now and don’t feel as negative. The therapists pushed me to do more than I thought I was capable of and reminded me how strong I am.”

He credits the entire program including the counseling, recreational therapy, and speech therapy for the improvements he made during his time at Moody Neuro. “I love to read, but that was not possible and my ability to read was greatly affected after the accident.

Alyssa brought me books during therapy and had me read every day, building up my cognition and speech to comprehend and enjoy them. She made sure they were entertaining, current and something that I would enjoy.”

On his graduation day, almost four months after his accident, Don stood proudly in front of his peers and Moody Neuro staff to give a heartfelt speech of encouragement to others.

“I really enjoyed my time here, the people here, the patients and staff, they all made this an important part of my life. Don’t feel hopeless, don’t be so withdrawn that you ignore the other people here. Staff and patients do so much to help you on your journey. Everyone is hurting the same and we are all here to get stronger and better.”

Congratulations Don, we are so proud of all you have overcome and the significant “Breakthroughs in Brain Injury” you made while at Moody Neuro.



Moody Neurorehabilitation in Galveston held a graduation recently for an individual that successfully completed our residential therapy program. In order to honor her preferences, her identity is kept confidential. She sustained a subarachnoid hemorrhage and spinal cord injury after a serious car accident several months earlier.

She arrived at Moody Neuro in March in a stretcher, scared and unable to communicate with those around her. The inability to recall the accident also caused increased anxiety as she was uncertain why she was here.

Unable to ambulate without assistance, having limited speech capabilities and the inability to use the right side of her body meant needing a personalized, extensive therapy program which she considered an “answer to her prayers”.

Moody Neuro’s skilled and specialty-trained therapy professionals wasted no time in accommodating our new resident’s therapy needs and also created new ways of communicating with her.

In the days that followed, she worked diligently in counseling, physical, speech, occupational and recreational therapies to regain her body functions and accept her new way of living.

Once she regained the strength to walk on her own, she walked everywhere greeting new friends and pausing for short conversations. She touched the hearts of many our staff and fellow residents while she was here.

She continued to grow steadily stronger and stated that, “my biggest accomplishment is using my right side again. I can walk, use my arm and smile again.”

During her graduation, she addressed a room full of Moody Neuro staff and patients and shared, “Moody Neuro therapists are miracle workers and helped me transform into the person I am now. Without Moody, I may not have regained the ability to walk again.”

She described the activities she enjoys such as artwork, making jewelry and exercising. With a slight chuckle, she admitted to us that she found a new passion in working out daily, “I started off on the treadmill for a very short time frame and now I can walk for 30 minutes without stopping!”

With a radiant smile, she shared, “I love working out with my mom, she is always there to support me and push me to work harder.” During graduation she proudly stood on her own and delivered a heartfelt speech to both the staff and her fellow residents, expressing her gratitude for the profound influence they had on her life.

“Don’t give up, believe in yourself, and believe in the Moody staff. With those three things, you will heal yourself and guide yourself to be better and stronger.”

She also added, “I am really looking forward to growing spiritually and strengthening my relationship with God who helped me get to where I am today. I read my bible every day and it answers my questions for me.

My belief in God has truly transformed me physically and mentally.”

This extraordinary Moody Neuro graduate went home bolder and stronger. We wish her the best as she continues her journey of recovery from traumatic brain injury!



Sonia KangSonia was an enthusiastic motorcycle rider and also loved to bake until tragedy struck in April 2023, when she suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed on her left side and unable to sit, speak, and having difficulty with swallowing.

While in the hospital, she required maximum assistance and was only able to follow one or two step commands. As Sonia became stronger and regained some of her functionality, a therapist at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Pearland told her about Moody Neuro and recommended she continue her treatment with us.

Unsure of going to another rehab facility, Sonia’s anxiety was quickly put to ease when she met one of our clinical liaison’s, Tammy.

According to Sonia, “Tammy made me feel like family and I immediately felt a connection with her. If she was this warm and friendly, I knew the staff must be like this too.”

After arriving at Moody, Sonia still had difficulty sitting up and would fall to her left while trying to remain in a seated position. Her left side still had very little movement and she was not able to walk on her own.

With time, Sonia’s therapists helped her get stronger each day and she eventually recognized her improved mobility.

“I remember working with my therapist and I was able to lift my leg up by myself for the first time in 5 months. I was so happy! I celebrated that small movement and began a new direction of therapy.”

This was just the beginning of her transformation. Soon, Sonia was doing transfers on her own, standing in the ADL kitchen preparing meals, and learning to walk without assistance. Now that she is graduating, she is looking forward to a hot bubble bath in her own bathtub followed by climbing into her bed.

She is excited to cook her favorite foods again and indulge in delicious treats. Sonia shared some guidance for her fellow friends at Moody Neuro, “Celebrate the small steps. No matter how small, take time to celebrate that step.” We are so happy for you, Sonia, and look forward to hearing about your continued progress. Congratulations!



AnaMoody Neuro treated Ana for Guillain Barr Syndrome (GBS), which left her unable to control most of her body. GBS is a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerves.

The first symptoms are usually weakness and tingling in your hands and feet. As these sensations spread, your entire body may become paralyzed. Ana experienced severe pain throughout her body and was unable to move her hands or feet.

When she first arrived, she was wheelchair-bound and needed assistance to sit up. Anna improved her functionality and regained the use of her body movements steadily over a six-month stay. She began painting again as she did prior to GBS changing her life.

For our annual beach cleanup project with the Artist Boat of Galveston, Ana painted an inspirational picture of a person flying a kite in a wheelchair on the side of the Moody Neuro-sponsored trash can.

Day after day, Ana worked hard in the gym during therapy, pushing herself and cheering on others with the most infectious smile. Prior to her graduation, Ana shared with us “Moody Neuro has been my home for the last six months and I am going to really miss it here.

The people and the staff are all wonderful and the therapists have been extremely good to me. I have had so many challenges to overcome but the therapists pushed me to be better every day. I came in unable to move my fingers but today I am walking and using both of my hands.”

Above all else, Ana wanted to give all her glory to God for allowing her the opportunity to come to Moody Neuro. “I was at another rehab center and the care at Moody is so much better, there was a huge difference.” We are so proud of the progress Ana made and appreciate the paintings she left behind to admire and serve as success story examples to share with future Moody Neuro residents. Good luck, Ana.



Ana“If you are looking for a review to help you with your search for a neurorehabilitation center, this is it! I am still an inpatient resident at Moody, and I have been here about six weeks now. I came here almost paralyzed on my left side from a stroke.

I had been to other rehab facilities where my progress had slowed down. When I arrived, I wasn’t very confident since I had my mind made up, I probably wouldn’t see a full recovery. I’m talking painted black nails and eyeliner type depression.

I had gone through well over 20 physical and occupational therapists in my search for the best at previous facilities. No one could figure out my skinny leg for weeks and why it kept buckling. My arm looked like a cartoon. I started searching for the coolest wheelchair like Xavier from X-men and a bionic arm that could shoot flames. During my darkest hour there was suddenly some light.

physical Therapist Lauren from Moody Neuro emerged from the clouds holding a laptop that had me out of my wheelchair within days. Her attention to detail blew my mind.

My leg started getting stronger and my mental state improved as well. I started gaining more movement in my left arm too. It’s such a surreal feeling when hope starts setting in and seeing my arm and leg move like that.

Every single department, Residential, Therapy, etc. is structured and managed down to a T. These guys are true masters of their craft and genuinely love what they do. They’re the Avengers, the heroes of the medical universe.

It will be such an emotional day when I leave this place. To the Moody team, thank you so much for giving me my life back. My life is better because of all of you. If I could do it all over again after my stroke, I wish I would have come here sooner.

To Lauren, you will forever be my hero. I’ll always be your number one fan! I thank you with all of me. And to those of you looking for hope, Moody Neuro exists. This is the sign you’re looking for. Thank you again for the mazing team over at Moody Neurorehabilitation in Galveston.”


RolandaRolanda came to Moody Neuro in Galveston in May 2023 due to a stroke. A self-proclaimed thrill seeker, Rolanda spends her time traveling across the US seeking out the most extreme roller coasters she can find. She told us that thrill seeking is not just a hobby, it is her lifestyle.

A lifestyle that was abruptly interrupted during a routine trip to a theme park last spring. She became suddenly weak, unable to use the left side of her body or ambulate independently. Rolanda’s initial treatment began with Houston Methodist and upon discharge home, she participated in outpatient therapy.

This was not enough for Rolanda, she craved her pre-stroke lifestyle and knew she needed a more comprehensive therapy program.

To realize her goal of again having a more active lifestyle, Rolanda was admitted as a Moody Neuro residential patient so that she could continue her rehabilitation journey. She quickly learned that her progress is measured by an infinite collection of large and small moments.

“The therapists saw what I could not see and helped me understand that rehabilitation takes time, and the smallest changes were still victories.” Rolanda proudly shared, “my strength and endurance has increased greatly. I am able to stand and walk on my own and I have gained the use of my left arm again.”

Her inspirational success story at Moody Neuro resonated with staff and residents during her graduation ceremony, “be patient and kind to yourself,” she shared. “Trust the process, the entire process, not everything is going to happen overnight, but day by day changes will be made.

This is a mental and physical journey, and the Moody staff create a family-centered environment that makes it easier to progress.” Rolanda is extremely grateful for her family support and has already planned her next theme park trip this month. Thank you, Rolanda, for trusting Moody Neuro for your stroke rehabilitation. We are so proud of what you accomplished while you were here as well as your continued recovery.





Akeem sustained a stroke in January 2023 and began residential therapy at Moody Neuro’s Lubbock facility in February 2023. He immediately demonstrated high levels of motivation and engagement to fulfill his aspirations. His frequent requests for homework and desire to explore ways of working independently demonstrated his commitment to advancing his progress.

While at Moody Neuro, Akeem achieved remarkable improvement in his speech and successfully regained the use of his left hand. Akeem graduated from our program in July 2023.

He was excited to return to his wife and kids, live a healthy lifestyle, and begin working out again. He offered these words of wisdom to new patients joining the program, “Trust the process and do not give up.” We are very proud of Akeem’s accomplishments while at Moody Neuro and congratulate him on his success!


Lacie-BakerLacie is a previous Moody Neuro patient who suffered a massive stroke in 2016 after a heart procedure. She participated in our inpatient rehabilitation program and made great strides in her progress.

After the program, she returned home to her family and returned to work and daily living routines. Fast forward to 2023, while receiving injections for Functional Neurological Disorder, Lacie experienced a severe reaction that left her with the inability to ambulate, speak and retain her memory along with impaired cognitive deficits.

Lacie spent several weeks at TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehab before her doctor recommended inpatient rehabilitation for her continued treatment. Lacie decided there was only one place she wanted to go. She returned to Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute.

“The therapist are so special at Moody because they believe in you and push you to get stronger every day” she shared as she looked back on her second time with us.

Lacie says “there is no other place like Moody because Mark and Kelly believed in me and they were going to push me farther and get me out of my wheelchair again and make me stronger.”

On May 26, 2023, Lacie stood proudly in front of an entire gym of residents, friends and staff to give a heartfelt graduation speech. She thanked everyone for their dedication and offered a promise of hope to fellow residents.

“To all the other patients, keep going forward and keep your head held high. I was in your shoes just 7 years ago as I suffered a massive stroke. You can do anything with family, faith and a great team of medical professionals to help you along the way.

Mark and Kelly saw me after my first admission, and I would not be the person I am without them. The therapist will help you achieve goals you do not realize are possible. If you ask for help, they are going to help you. They really care and know what boundaries to set for your success.” We congratulate Lacie on her success and wish her well in her future. 


Darius-WilliamsDarius began his second round of rehabilitation at Moody Neuro in January 2023, and on Monday, May 8th, Darius graduated. In February 2021, Darius was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) after losing consciousness due to a moving vehicle collision.

Upon admission to one of many hospitals, his prognosis described many impairments including the inability to speak, walk or move again. His recovery story is nothing short of miraculous and his therapeutic journey has been extensive.

Oscar, his father, shared with us “Our time here has been great. The staff is amazing, going above and beyond their calling and caring for their patients just like they are family. Dr. Durand was an absolute God send for us and we are forever thankful to Moody.”

During his time at Moody, Darius’ accomplishments, abilities and personal growth were observed every day. His father stayed on campus with Darius and served his son with enduring love, limitless support and encouragement. At his graduation, Darius took the opportunity to speak proudly in front of an audience of friends, staff, family and fellow residents with a thank you message.

Oscar shared that his son accomplished 90% progress in his residential treatment and looks forward to continuing the journey with Moody Neuro through our Outpatient Program.

At the end of the graduation, Oscar offered this advice for the new families and residents, “Be patient. I know you’re scared, but it is all going to be okay. This is a wonderful staff, and they are going to help. The staff makes it easier because you see just how much care they have and the work they put in to help patients recover.”


Darius Williams

AndrewAndrew returned home from Christmas shopping on his bicycle on December 9th of 2019 when he was struck by a car. Andrew was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. He spent two weeks in the hospital, followed by a short stay at TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation.

When Andrew arrived at Moody Neuro in November of 2022, he lacked cognition and motor skills needed for daily living. His emotional state was very unpredictable and suffered with balance and coordination abilities.

During his time at Moody Neuro, Andrew gives thanks to the therapy staff for the skills learned to keep him organized and on schedule; two skills that bring him a sense of calm and keeps him on a routine. Andrew shared that his mother is buying him a desk similar to what is used at Moody Neuro and is excited to return home.

Today, Andrew celebrates his graduation and remarks on his improved speech, cognition, memory and emotional skills he attained while at Moody Neuro.

He expressed his thanks to several staff, “Kaitlyn was great, she would always take me grocery shopping and worked with me. Jason is a really good counselor and Mr. Norman is great.” He also thanks his therapy staff, occupational, physical and speech therapy which helped him grow and overcome his challenges set forth by his injury.

Most importantly, Andrew wanted to thank his parents. “My dad was always there telling me to stay with it and push through even when it was hard and I am really glad my mom knew to choose Moody and sent me here. I have learned so much.”

Andrew returns home to volunteer with his mother at the library and work with his father at his welding company utilizing the new skills he has learned over the last four months.



Payne-MoodyPayne, a 22-year-old male from Angleton, was involved in a tragic car accident in July 2022. Payne suffered a traumatic brain injury that catapulted him and his family into an extensive rehabilitation journey.

Payne was intubated on the scene by first responders and taken to UTMB Galveston where he laid in a coma for two weeks. After he was stabilized at UTMB, Payne was transferred to TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation in August, where he would begin his rehabilitation journey to identify and tackle his new challenges.

In September, Payne’s mother, Brooke, chose to bring her son to Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute to take advantage of the comprehensive, interdisciplinary services her son needed to return home.

Losing the ability to walk, combined with spasticity of his left hand, increased impulsivity and extensive memory loss, Payne required intensive focused therapy practices through Moody Neuro’s individualized program.

After receiving occupational, physical, speech and neurocognitive therapy for six months, up to 5 hours per day, Payne regained his ability to walk without assistance. He also received valuable tools to improve his thought processing and regain the use of his left hand.

On any given day, Payne and Brooke walk together around the courtyard and through the buildings beaming with pride, while also stopping for a quick chat with fellow residents and our staff.

Payne graduates on February 28, 2023, after successfully completing the Moody Neuro residential program. He returns home to sleep in his own bed and live in his room for the first time in 8 months.

Payne will continue his journey in the Moody Neuro Day Program. The additional outpatient therapies will concentrate on maintaining and building his strength so he can continue improving his daily living skills.

He is also looking forward to being able to hunt and fish again! His mother credits his progress to the team at Moody Neuro.

“Payne’s time here has been amazing. The therapists were wonderful and walked me through every step of the way. They helped me in making big and little decisions and truly cared for my son. This has been life changing to get my independent son back.”

When asked, Payne wants to tell the next person who comes through to “fight hard, never give up and always trust your therapist. They are there to help you.”



Ronald Dutt

Ronald “Dutt”

Ronald, “Dutt,” arrived at Moody Neuro after a tragic car accident which left him with a severe traumatic brain injury. He had uncontrollable pain, confined to a wheelchair and suffered speech impediments.

During his time at Moody Neuro, he learned to manage his pain and maximize his time with physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapy sessions.

His number one goal was to walk again and regain speech abilities. Graduation days at Moody Neuro are nothing short of inspirational and emotional for our graduate and their family as well as all residents and staff who joined Dutt on his journey.

Yesterday, Dutt not only stood through his entire ceremony, he walked out of the gym all the way to his mother’s car with the biggest smile on his face. This young man was ready to face the world. When we asked what he’s looking forward to doing, he said “I am going to walk everywhere and watch more LSU football. “Geaux Tigers!”

Darrell Success story


Darrell came to Moody Neuro after suffering a stroke, which left him with impaired speech and limited mobility. He chose Moody Neuro based on the reputation for their quality of care and had heard from multiple people in his rehab hospital that Moody Neuro was one of the best.

While at Moody he met his key goals of speech and mobility. Darrell shared with us that one of his biggest hurdles was learning how to “live in the positive” after a stroke and regaining his strength to do daily activities. His message to anyone with a brain injury is to “get to moody as fast as you can.” Darrell is grateful for his time at Moody and today he graduated with his family by his side.

“Our daughter Heather has been a resident at Tideway basically since its inception. We could not have found a better residential facility for our daughter and we certainly looked at other options. The current staff and Tideway Program Director are top notch.

They are constantly looking for new ways to improve all aspects of their services – they keep the residents active and engaged. It is so much different than other facilities wherein residents just sit around for most of the day. If you have a loved one that needs comprehensive brain injury care, look no further than Tideway.”



“The treatments are phenomenal… the staff here knows that everyone’s different, and they have a strategy that can help each one of us through it. It’s just amazing to see all the things that they do for each individual that’s here. I love them all. They’re all like family, helping me to get better – it’s just a great place to be at. I really consider it a blessing.”



My son has been a long-term resident at Tideway; in fact, he has been there almost since its inception when Tideway still was a humble house on the west island. We have seen many changes since 2001.

There were some ups and downs over the years, but James was always treated well, and when there were issues they were resolved. I am very impressed with recent developments at Tideway and James has fared well.

The staff is friendly, caring, and accommodating, so that both of us, my son, and I, have a very good experience. The programs have been expanded, and he is again receiving the therapies and treatments that he so badly needs.

I can highly, and without reservations, recommend Tideway. It has always been a good facility, but now it is surely one of the best.


Dr. Burden

I feel hopeful by being here and I have changed my perspective about life.



I’m truly thankful for Mr. Moody for opening this company.



The TA staff are really nice to me because they take me out for evening walks daily. When I go on the walks it helps me to clear my head and relax. I was really missing my mom at first but now I see it’s like a family. I like how the staff jokes around and makes us feel comfortable.



Nancy (kitchen) is always nice and helpful to me. I’ve been to other facilities, and I can honestly say that this has been the best program. I’m not just saying that this is the best place, I know it is because I can see how hard the staff works here.



Nathan was a great therapist. He always pushed me to do more and I’m going to miss him when I leave tomorrow. TA’s Latoya, Addie, Nicole and Ebony. 99 percent of the staff are wonderful. I truly appreciate Moody for everything they do for me.



Little Miss Haley, Elnita , Addie, Kevin, Latoya has Lauren (PT) has been very helpful. Lisa helped with setting up appointment and navigating through the medical appointment, Jasmine helped our family make sure we understood how the insurance services work and how to get the equipment we need. OT and Speech have been great also. Mario has been very motivating to my recovery!



“Mark, Cliff, Addie, Kelly , Katie, Vanessa, and Crystal did an outstanding job.”



Marissa’s outings are wonderful. She handles her outings and the patients safely. I’m always impressed with how great she is. The TA staff are really dedicated to their jobs.



Jason is an awesome leader here at Moody. He takes the time to help the patients and staff coordinate the schedules.



“Thank you for everything you guys have done for our family. You all helped us forward in a very hard time, with smiles and lots of educating. Thank you!”



“The residential and therapy staff have been awesome. I think that Moody is doing an excellent job. Every department shows that they are dedicated to serving the patients they work with.”



“You all have been tough and inspiring – just what I needed to get better. Thanks!”



“​I wanted the opportunity to thank all the Moody Neuro family for taking such good care of my brother…He is truly transformed from when he arrived at your door. The professionalism and care he received from all therapists and staff is amazing…Best to you all!”



Family Member
“My physical therapist does a wonderful job.”



“Don’t quit. Keep working. The more you do, it does get better.”


Bob B.

“My son was a patient, and I can’t express the gratitude to every single staff member as well as students that came through. It takes a special person to do the job that all the staff do and to do it with such empathy and warmth in their hearts. What they did for him is beyond words and we will forever be grateful.”


Michelle R.

Family Member
“There are not enough kind words to express how amazing Moody is. My husband suffered a stroke and brain injury, and they were incredible.”


Sydnie H.

Family Member
“Moody has been working extra hard to find ways to help me when I get home. I am really grateful for that.”



“I was inpatient for 4 months post-stroke and have now lived independently from my family for 4 years. I’m able to do pretty much everything on a daily basis on my own. Moody Neuro made it possible for me to be ready for the world.”


Nicole J.

“You have some of the best workers here.”



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