Life with a brain injury can  generally be a pretty horrible experience.  So much of a survivor’s daily reality often grows exponentially more difficult and complicated.  However, sometimes with proper perspective positive aspects of the injury experience can be found.  In this grey cloud of overwhelming struggle, there truly is the occasional silver lining.  It is important for each brain injury survivor to identify and appreciate each of these positive aspects as this can help balance the daily burden of life with an injury.  At the Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute, patients and staff have identified some of these positive aspects one might encounter as a result of having survived a traumatic brain injury.  Here are just a few:

1.    Becoming closer to family and friends
2.    Becoming closer to God
3.    Starting a sober/drug-free/smoke-free life
4.    Eating healthier
5.    Learning to appreciate life
6.    Maintaining a regular exercise routine
7.    Getting to use handicapped parking, especially on bad weather days
8.    Becoming more compassionate toward others, particularly those with disabilities
9.    Receiving better treatment at entertainment venues, a prime example being Special Children’s Nights at the Houston Rodeo
10.    Learning a deeper understanding of patience
11.    Riding the “golf carts” at airports instead of having to carry luggage
12.    Catching additional health concerns that had previously “slipped in under the radar”, such as diabetes
13.    Becoming more mature/responsible
14.    Getting education/training paid for through Texas’ Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)
15.    Meeting and making friends with fellow brain injury survivors
16.    Having an opportunity to review life values and goals
17.    Getting to explore new hobbies/interests

These are some of the positive aspects of having an injury that TLC staff and patients have identified over the years.  Feel free to send us your ideas on positive aspects of the injury experience in the Comments section below!

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