Finding helpful resources for your TBI recovery isn’t always straightforward. If you’re also providing care to your child after a TBI, searching for help can add to the already stressful season.

It should be easier to find the resources you need to help get through this period. After all, you want to provide your child with the best care and support possible.

Here are the 10 most supportive traumatic brain injury resources for parents.

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1. Brain Injury Association

The Brain Injury Association offers many helpful resources on traumatic brain injury. From educational guides to support groups, you can find help on their website.

Moreover, they offer a list of state rehabilitation programs.

2. Office of Acquired Brain Injury

The Office of Acquired Brain Injury (OABI) helps TBI patients and caregivers learn more about TBI. Furthermore, the organization raises awareness about brain injuries and how to prevent them.

Additionally, you can find information on local support groups.

3. Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CRS) Program

The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CRS) Program helps eligible TBI patients with the rehabilitative process and their recovery goals. They also assist patients with finding support services and may even pay for them.

4. The CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers more than updates on the pandemic. They also offer the latest studies on traumatic brain injury.

Additionally, they have a special Heads Up page where parents can find support as they help their children recover from TBI.

5. Your Texas Benefits

Your Texas Benefits is a resource that simplifies finding financial aid for healthcare, food costs, and support services. After answering basic questions, you’ll be able to see which benefits you can receive. Or if you’re looking for support services, you can sign up for updates about available options.

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6. The Coalition for Barrier Free Living, INC.

The Coalition for Barrier Free Living, INC. offers services and programs that help those with disabilities. Their goal is to promote equal opportunity for those with traumatic brain injuries.

The organization teaches those in recovery how to live independently, find peer support, and learn practical skills. Workshops cover money management, public transportation, and more. Community integration is the focus of this group.

7. Texas Workforce Commission

The Texas Workforce Commission helps people with disabilities find meaningful employment. They do this through free, vocational rehabilitation programs for both adults and youth.

For example, the group helps teach job skills and connects those in recovery with employers.

8. Texas Department of Public Safety

The Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) helps people with TBI sign up to take their driving tests.

The ability to drive is a privilege and freedom teenagers look forward to. Adolescents with a TBI aren’t doomed to always be driven by mom and dad.

9. 211 Texas

Another resource to keep in mind is 211 Texas, a Texas Health and Human Services Commission program. At their core, they provide information about local services. From food and housing to support groups and counseling, 211 Texas can help your family with basic needs.

10. Moody Neurorehabilitation

Moody Neurorehabilitation has been leading the way in rehabilitation programs since 1982. In each of our four locations, we provide outpatient and residential care as well as a wide range of therapeutic services.

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