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The following information hopefully assists you in preparation for your time here with us at Moody Neuro. If you have questions not addressed here prior to your admission, please present your questions to your Clinical Liaison, who will direct you to the appropriate staff for your answers. Once you are admitted your case manager can help you address any issues or concerns.

What you can expect* upon arrival to our facility:

*Certain tasks may be completed within 1-3 days after admission
depending on the patient’s arrival time.


Upon arrival, you and one essential caregiver or family member will meet with an admissions team member, case manager, nurse and residential manager, who will walk you through the admission process and assist you in a quick and easy transition to our program.

An admissions team member will review all required paperwork for your stay at Moody Neuro.

Make sure to bring a picture of yourself, relative documents, medications, and other items from the Items to Bring list inside your pre-admission packet provided to you by your Clinical Liaison.

As a reminder, you must make a $300 deposit for your Moody Neuro Account on admission day. If you cannot provide this or have a financial hardship, please let your Clinical Liaison know. Your Moody Neuro Account helps with costs such as prescription copays, outings, therapeutic purposes, and other incidentals. You may need to supplement this amount later during your stay based on the number of medication and copay amounts. We mail any remaining balance at the end of the patient’s stay to the patient or family member who provided the deposit.

Upon completing admission paperwork, you and your designated essential caregiver or family member(s) will meet with your assigned case manager. You will discuss program goals and expectations for your stay; rules and regulations; family involvement; visitation guidelines; and will conduct your first Individual Program Plan (IPP) meeting. Your case manager is the point-of-contact throughout your stay and will exchange contact information to the designated essential caregiver or family member(s). If you have any questions during your stay, your Case Manager will be the individual who will assist you.

Lastly, our residential manager and a member of our nursing staff will meet with you to go over shower evaluations, medications, and any additional items that may pertain to your stay with us.


During the initial phase of your stay at Moody Neuro you will undergo a comprehensive evaluation to establish an individualized treatment plan. Development of individual treatment plans at Moody Neurorehabilitation are a team effort. Each individualized treatment plan is based upon an extensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history and current level of function. Representatives from all therapeutic areas contribute to creating the overall treatment plan.

At the end of the two weeks, your case manager and assigned clinical staff will meet with you and your designated essential caregiver or family member(s) to conduct your second Individual Program Plan (IPP) meeting.

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Moody Neuro provides personalized care to treat the unique challenges of brain injury with the singular purpose of achieving the best possible outcome for patients and their families.


Moody Neurorehabilitation believes relearning skills lost to brain injury is best accomplished through real-life experiences in realistic surroundings. The overall goal is to relearn skills that are easily practiced in daily life. We work with you towards successful reentry into the community. Moody Neurorehabilitation patients live in a comfortable “dorm-like” environment in either our Galveston or our state-of-the art facility in Lubbock.

Our physicians have specialized training in brain injury rehabilitation and work with our occupational, physical, and speech and language physical therapists. Each patient has different therapy needs that depend on the severity of the brain injury and the part of the brain that was injured. They conduct a thorough physical exam to evaluate each patient’s strength, balance, memory, and cognition and discuss each patient’s goals. We incorporate this information to formulate and develop an individualized program for care and recovery. When our physicians are not available, we have nurses on-site to handle medications and any minor medical needs. Our Nurses are on-call if immediate medical attention is required. In case of medical emergencies, we call 911.

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You and your family member will become essential members of our Moody Neurorehabilitation team. Our staff will work together with you and your family by taking time to listen to your goals, concerns, and needs to help build an understanding among all members of the rehabilitation team and help us develop the best-individualized program plan with you. During your stay, we encourage your participation by urging you to speak up, ask questions, and use our resources

Upon arrival at Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute, we will ask if you want to identify one or two people to be your essential caregiver(s). These are family/friends whom you want to be actively involved in your care during your rehabilitation and transition back home. You decide how much you want them to be part of your care. Their involvement will ensure better care, safety, and outcomes. They have an essential role as spokesperson, advocate, and supporter, especially if you are too sick or overwhelmed to “Speak up” for yourself.

Our facility follows COVID 19 response guidelines set forth by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to keep our patients and staff safe; please check out our current visitation guidelines for each facility. Clickable link that head to our visitation page

Typically, at our Galveston location, your family member can be with you at any time, day or night, without restriction. Our facility allows family members to stay overnight during the patient’s time with us but are expected to remain on campus for the duration of the patient’s stay. Dependent on Moody Neuro approval and based upon the family ‘s situation, family members can be given the option to stay at a nearby hotel.

At our Lubbock location, the identified support person(s) will be the main contact for your rehabilitation team. The team will update your family about your progress and communicate your wishes to other family members and friends. Due to COVD-19, family members will need to adhere to our visitation guidelines and restrictions that are put in place to keep our staff and patients safe. Our Lubbock facility provides access to RV hookups, allowing your family members to stay on the premises and remain close during their stay. Dependent on Moody Neuro’s approval, family members may opt to stay at a nearby hotel.

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